The Power of Video in Selling Real Estate

I've been using video in my real estate business since I started, first as part of the presentation of my Featured Homes on my website and more recently in my effort to share my ideas on how to sell luxury homes in this "Baby Boomer Sell-Off market.  I'm convinced that video is the best way to communicate the features and benefits of my listings as well as to convince prospective sellers that I should be their agent of choice. 

I see myself as a media company that sells real-estate; that is I accumulate information, statistics, and analyze buyer and seller needs, intrepid them than communicate what I've found to the market.  In doing this I feel I can set myself and my company apart from the competition and thus become the agent of choice for the Birmingham luxury home market.

The other thing I strive to do is to exceed my client’s expectations in every way, I'll elaborate on that in a future post.

Below is a letter that I've sent out to my accumulated list of Expired Listings.  I hope it can give you some ideas on how you might be able to build your real estate agency.


Terry and Karen, the next time you list your home make sure you use video.

The average buyer searching for a new home will see five to seven homes in a day’s search with their buyer’s agent.  At the end of a day or two days of driving around looking at homes the buyer has trouble sorting out in their mind which house was which.

This week while showing one of my listing is Greystone the buyer made mention of this dilemma and his agent suggested, “Use your phone to take some pictures and enter notes on the pictures for future reference and you can send them off to you wife in Chicago tonight.”

I spoke up, while handing the buyer my card, “Have your wife go to my website and under Featured Listings she’ll be able to pull-up a ‘walk and talk video’ of the house and experience the house just as you have.”  He looked at me in puzzlement and said, “Really, why don’t all homes have that?”  I chose not to answer.

The next day I checked my Google Analytics and saw that my website had a visitor from a Chicago suburb that spent 24 minutes on my site, the video is eight minutes long.  That’s the power of video. Yes, it costs me to produce the video and I must have a dedicated website to present my videos, but when I sell this home I’ll make between $32,500 and $16,250.  I consider the cost and investment in my business.

I also send these videos to my mailing list of subscribers and real estate agents and average between 400 and 600 YouTube views on each video; that’s comparable to 400 to 600 showings.  That’s the power of video.

Earlier this week a got a call from Holland (the Netherlands), “I’ll be in Birmingham this week, I’d like to see your home on Lake Heather, my wife and I watched your video; I’ll recognize you.”  That’s the power of video.  My commission on this sale will be $85,000.

Terry and Karen, when you decide to list you home again if you’d like to incorporate video into your marketing plan give me a call.

Thanks for your consideration,


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