Thinking or Selling your home? 


If you want to sell your luxury home in Birmingham here are the things you must do.

  • Price it right. You must know what other homes have sold for in your neighborhood, price per square foot and price per amenities. Then price you home accordingly.
  • Market your home. Putting a sigh in the front yard and waiting for a buyer to show up won't get it done. You must have a marketing plan.
  • Produce quality photographs and a narrated video.  Professional photos and a narrated video will set your home apart and bring potential buyers through your front door. You must have a video to distribute through email and social media.  You may get 10 showings in 3 months, a properly distributed video will get 100's of viewings a week.
  • Have you home on the market when buyers are buying. Homes are sold every day of the year, you must have your home for sale to sell it.
  • No Open Houses.
  • Get your neighbors to help you sell your home. Share your video with your neighbors, they are your best salesman, they live where they do because they like your neighborhood so you must give them the tools they need to help you sell your home to their friends and colleagues.
  • Hire a salesman to sell your home. Your listing agent must conduct all showings.  The buyer’s agent has no familiarity with your home, how can they sell your home?
  • Be patient. Only 5% of the population can afford your home, it will take time.  If your agent is working for you it will sell but you must be patient.

Our Marketing Plan

·    We will produce a list of you probable buyers through the use of Predictive Analytics.

·     We will advertise you home in the Birmingham News

·     We will mail a four-color brochure on your home to your list of probable buyers.

·     We will produce a "walk and talk video" of your home.

·     We will distribute your video to your neighbors, the top real estate agents in Birmingham, to over 2,000 qualified buyers in Birmingham.

·     We will advertise your home on Facebook to over 12,000 households in Birmingham with incomes over $150,000 per year.

·     We will conduct all showings of your home.

·     We will feature you home on our website.


Kerry GrinkmeyerAlbert Einstein is widely credited with the saying:  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

I intend to change the way luxury homes are sold in Birmingham.” Kerry Grinkmeyer


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