Are You Puzzled why your home didn't sell?


There are five main reasons why luxury homes aren't selling in this market.


Condition – Buyers don’t want to have to rehab their new home, particularly if they’re moving from out-of-town.  They don’t know contractors or want to oversee construction after a move. It’s crucial to have your home up-to-date with quality workmanship.

Awareness – There are far more sellers than buyers in the Birmingham luxury market, so it’s key you make any potential buyers and their agents aware of your home…that means dynamic marketing. A sign in the front yard rarely gets the job done. You must assume your buyer isn’t currently looking for a home, and that means getting your home on their radar. The best way to do this is through photography, video, conventional and social media. “The Baby Boomer Sell-Off.”

Price – The asking price for your home must be in line with what other homes in your area have sold for. The best way to determine that is to compare your per square foot asking price with recently-sold comparable homes. Then you can add in for features and amenities that may make your home more appealing than the compitition, but you must know your competition.  That means that you and or your agent needs to preview every home that you're competing with for the limited number of buyers. 

Location – Buyers want to match their new home with their lifestyle – including work, place of worship and even doctors. If your home is in one of the most desirable communities in Birmingham, offering very safe, family-friendly living you need to make this part of your sales pitch.

Salesmanship - You hire a Realtor to help you sell your home, they need to be a salesman, they need to be at every showing.  The buyer and buyer’s agent enter you home with no knowledge of your home, they are required to find the features and benefits of your home relative to the other five or six homes they're looking that day.  This might have worked in a "Sellers’ Market", but today there are more sellers than buyers and your home will have to be sold.

I believe awareness, updating and price are reasons why homes sit on the market for up to three years without selling.  I’d like to have the opportunity to explore your thoughts on the sale of your home and determine if I can help you.   

You don’t want to just list your home; you need to market and sell it. If you have a great product what ever it is it needs dynamic marketing to sell. I’ll spend my money marketing your home if we determine I can help you. I won’t put a lock box on your door and invite in unfamiliar agents, expecting them to sell your home; I’ll conduct all showings.

Before you list your home with any agent you need to read Best of US Homes Luxury Home Report.

This is my business plan in a nutshell: market only luxury homes, take on only high-quality listings and capture both seller and buyer representation, yielding larger commissions. Achieving this, I’ll establish my agency as the foremost luxury home marketer in Birmingham.  

Do us both a favor, if you’re interested in listing, marketing and selling your home with me, give me a call at (205) 919-6006, and we’ll talk strategy.

Thanks for your consideration,


Kerry J. Grinkmeyer


Our Marketing Plan

  • We will produce a list of you probable buyers through the use of Predictive Analytics.
  • We will advertise you home in the Birmingham News
  • We will mail a four-color brochure on your home to your list of probable buyers.
  • We will produce a "walk and talk video" of your home.
  • We will distribute your video to your neighbors, the top real estate agents in Birmingham, to over 2,000 qualified buyers in Birmingham.
  • We will advertise your home on Facebook to over 12,000 households in Birmingham with incomes over $150,000 per year.
  • We will conduct all showings of your home.
  • We will feature you home on our website.



Kerry GrinkmeyerAlbert Einstein is widely credited with the saying:  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

I intend to change the way luxury homes are sold in Birmingham.” Kerry Grinkmeyer


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